Inform Customer By E-mail

Send customized e-mails from the Admin Order Grid in your own E-mail template, with your own messages.

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Sometimes you have to inform one or several customers with a custom message. For example, if for some reason the products you are about to send are delayed, you would like to inform your customer. The e-mail that you send will not be in the template from your webshop and is also completely separated from it. Wouldn't it be great if you could just select the order and click "Inform Customer by E-mail", and send an E-mail in the template from your shop, with the custom message that you want. This plugin does exactly that! Nothing more, nothing less.

After you sent your e-mails to your customers, the module stores the message in the order history, so you can always keep track of your Customer Support!

How does it work?
After installing the plugin, you create a Transactional E-mail Template with {{var subject}} in the Subject field and {{var content}} in the content field wherever you want. For example, below your logo, in the content wrapper.


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